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Baturaden merupaka salah satu tempat wisaata andalan di kabupatan banyumas, jawa tengah,sejak tahun 1928,Baturaden dikenal sebagai objek wisata pegunungan.Pengunjung bisa menikmati keindahan pemandangan alam dan udara pegunungan yang sejuk.

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Botanical Garden is located in the Village Baturaden Kemutuk Lor, Kec. Baturaden, Kab. Banyumas and is + 14 Km from Kota Purwokerto, + 1.5 km from the main gate Baturaden Wana Wisata.

Baturaden Botanical Gardens at the foot of Mount Slamet plots 1 and 3, RPH Baturaden, BKPH Mt. West Slamet KPH East Banyumas north bordered plots 4 and 5 limited production forest, west sebalah row 2 limited production forest, south of plot 1 and lokawisata Baturaden Perkemahaan earth, east of plot 6 limited production forests. Began sloping topography to hilly with a slope of 20% to 70% and height + 600-750 m above sea level with most types of soil types latosol maroon.

Botanical temperature conditions ranging Baturaden 20-30 degrees Celsius with very high rainfall (5000-6174 mm / yr)

Baturaden Botanical Garden is rich in various flora as potential Botanical function as conservation of plant species. The types of plants that are located in the Botanical Gardens area Baturaden identified by LIPI (Indonesian Institute of Sciences) is a resin (Agathis borneensis), puspa (Schima wallichii), Rasamala (Altingia excelsa), mahogany (Switenia macrophylla), kaliandra (Callyandra sp), ferns, PLANTS and other types of orchids. Other types of plants that are still in the identification by LIPI as responsible for the management of the Botanical Gardens in Indonesia.


In addition to identifying the types of trees in the Botanical Gardens Baturaden, LIPI has conducted enrichment seedbed for good variety of plants from the Botanical Gardens area, as well as plants that grow on Mount Slamet. Even the LIPI has developed enrichment plant species originating from Bogor Botanical Gardens, Kalimantan and Sumatra. Some types of seed enrichment plant botanical garden that is ready Baturaden planting as many as 269 species in the family 69

Baturaden Botanical Garden is rich in addition to a variety of potential flora there are also the kinds of animals living freely. Based on the results of temporary identification, there are species of fauna such as wild boar, pheasant, deer, monkeys, wau-wau, Javanese eagles, weasels, snakes and other species. The types of fauna in the area Baturaden Botanical Garden adds to the treasury of the treasury potential Baturaden Botanical Garden that may not be found in other botanical garden located in Indonesia.

As the Botanical Gardens in Indonesia construction requires a very long time, as well as Baturaden Botanical Garden. Development and management of Baturaden Botanical Garden will be implemented through collaboration between the management of Research and Development Agency MoF Forestry, Indonesia Institute of Sciences (LIPI), Perum Perhutani and Prop. Government. Central Java. It is expected of each Institution / Agency can provide kontrbusi to development and management of the Botanic Garden Baturaden appropriate authority, duties and functions of each. Botanical Garden Development Baturaden physically started in 2003 a further confirmation that area continued through the stages of development ditentukan.Tahapan have to be implemented include:

1. Inauguration of the region
2. Formulation of site plan
3. Management plan
4. Making the physical design
5. Formulation of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
6. Seeding and planting the garden collection
7. Construction of facilities and infrastructure.

Stages of development Baturaden Botanical Garden will be implemented by involving the community especially those around the Botanical Gardens Baturaden and involve all stakeholders.


Still in banyumas growth hotspots of the first or the region rather Baturraden Ketenger rural areas. After we enjoyed curug Lightning now let’s continue the journey to curug Twins. Once you walk about 500 meters from the lightning curug then you will get disebuah curug still bound by his name curug Gumawang river or lake Twins Green. The road to the Twin curug still path and the winding, on the left or right only to be igir verdant natural fence nan eternal.

This place mepunyai 2 (two) the name of the temporary nature. Sometimes called curug Twins and sometimes called the Green Lake. In the rainy season arrives, it will curug water flow splits into 2 (two) equal parts of the surrounding community called curug Twins, but during the dry season arrives curug disappeared and turned into a greenish pond so-called lake green.


Temple site is located in the hamlet Ronggeng Gandatapa, Gandatapa Village, Kec. Discordant, in the middle – the middle of residential areas adjacent to the eastern road into the hamlet village Gandatapa, and face to face with the mosque.

Ronggeng temple site called, because according to local belief, the site is often used as an arena / place of the coronation ritual dancers who allegedly ronggeng story on that site there is a statue of Nyi Ronggeng embodiment.

Nyi Rongeng the statue is actually a stone statue with a basis of andesite stone depicting ancestral spirits in prehistoric / megalithic. The site is a place of worship of ancestors who in prehistoric times berundak punden shape with three terraces, whose orientation to the north and south by Slamet mountain magnify that he regarded as the last haven of the ancestral spirits. The entrance from the south, and east of the site where there is a Gandatapa watershed in prehistoric times is used as a place for purification before entering the place of ancestor worship, the temple site Ronggeng.

Extensive site is the overall length of 28 m and 16 m wide, in the area of the site there are some omissions such as: stone statue depicting ancestral spirits that have been shaped like a human statue with a height 132 cm and 32 cm wide and 8 cm thick ( statue was lost in 1991 and then found again in 2000, and now the statue is located at Diso Ki Museum, (Dr. Jl.. Figures, Purwokerto). The statue is used as a means of ritual ancestor worship.

In addition there are several stone statues upright (Menhir) in the third deck and a third entrance porch with average size – average 55 cm high, 20 cm in diameter. There’s also a scattering of stone that is the remainder – the rest of the order as the floor foundation stone shrine The third terrace.


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